Hello, my name is Axel Östan.

Hello, my name is Axel Östan.

I'm a

I'm a Software Developer/Web Developer located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Currently on the lookout for my next big opportunity/project.


About me

My name is Axel Östan and I am a Programmer, Software Developer, Web Designer, and Web Developer

Ambitious, curious, and hardworking. Redo to use my newly acquired knowledge in programming, and use practical experience. Has a passion for technology, and is good at communicating and collaborating. A skilled software developer who masters several different data structures and programming languages. Experience with testing and documentation of software for various applications. Has a positive attitude, and is enthusiastic and driven. My favorite part of being a developer/programmer is the creativity, freedom and constant opportunities to learn and grow. I am an ambitious developer who is used to working in teams

Name : Axel Östan

Degree : Gymnasieingenjör

Age : 19

Websites : Axelostan.dev

Email : Axel.ostan@gmail.com

Websites : Axelostan.io

City : Göteborg

Freelance : Availible

Javascript : Advanced

CSS : Intermediate

HTML : Advanced

Typescript : Advanced

ReactJs : intermediate

Vue : intermediate

Ruby : intermediate

C# : intermediate

PHP : intermediate

PowerPlatform : Advanced

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NTI Johanneberg, Gymnasieingenjör

I studied Gymnasieingenjör at NTI Johanneberg between Aug/2021 - Jun/2022. There I had the chance to expand my programming knowledge by learning multiple new programming languages. As a part of the education, we also worked with scrum and other similar methods. With these methods, we worked on projects in teams.

LBS Tekniska Gymnasiet, Media and information technology

I began my programming journey at LBS Tekniska Gymnasiet in Aug/2018 and quickly developed a passion for it. Here I studied the basics of C#, .Net, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Wich I have built on to get where I am today.



B3, PowerPlatform Developer

During my internship at B3, I worked with Power Platform, PCF and other Microsoft tools. Powerapps and Portals were a big part of this work, as I was a sub-project manager and primary developer on additional projects.



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+46 072-501-52-28